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Terminals in the development of innovation and imitation

2011/7/15 16:16:38  View 6755 

    Terminals belonging to the middle of the electronic information industry products, the most direct contact with the product is a connector, the speed of its development, the technological level achieved and the scale of production, not only directly affects the electronic information industry development, but also affect the connector development, but also for the development of information technology to transform traditional industries and improve the modernization level of equipment, promote scientific and technological advances have far-reaching impact.

     Bay electrical current through the three terminals Marketing Alliance Group and the Chinese statistical data, the terminal product homogenization of the most serious areas are mainly concentrated in the Asian developing countries, China is most apparent, careful analysis, terminal "deterioration" of the main reasons is the agent terminals and terminals caused by the customer's interests.

     Technology substitution advantages, and direct imitation of a large terminal manufacturers R & D results, saving R & D funds. China is a system of patent protection of the weakest countries, while the large terminal manufacturers awareness of the lack of patent protection, leading to the cottage of a large number of products, product market competition, poor, large-scale terminal weakening of the interests of manufacturers.

     Authenticity of the product mix, now part of the small terminal manufacturers forced to motivated agents, the agent's terminal products, the combination of authenticity, a terminal needs to deceive customers, while reducing the agency company's brand image.