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Basic knowledge of the terminal and use the key means

2011/7/15 16:18:04  View 5751 

     Wiring system's task is to lead to a reliable mechanical and electrical connection. Terminals pressurized frame can effectively implement this feature. The press frame is hardened and passivated galvanized steel by, can withstand the tremendous torque of the screw can be firmly pressed steel wire. Copper plating on flexible conductive film of tin - lead alloy, to ensure that wire to keep airtight, low resistance, permanent connection. Three Bay Technology Department recommended that the electrical wiring system.

     The following advantages loved by the users, and is widely used:

     1) contact surface, and exposure to stress, and can be any lateral contact.

     2) with self-locking, earthquake, lock function.

     3) test the jack can be installed, no maintenance.

     4) point of contact is absolutely airtight, corrosion-resistant.

     5) does not allow multi-strand wire crimp ends, can be directly connected.

     6) easy to use.

     7) is widely used in contact with the global pressure