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China terminal forecast future market challenges

2011/7/15 16:19:02  View 5809 

     Since the 1990s, Dongguan City in the terminal industry, known as the "bridge", shoulder to all walks of life supporting functions of the pillar industries of national economy, the growth of China's automobile industry, second only to the location of one of the top ten industries. However, industrial output value of China's terminals terminals industrial world still accounts for only about 15% of this huge market space for development and there are many blank spots, to be developed. "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, according to the national economy's growth rate of 7% annual increase to 8%, the terminal speed of development of the industry's growth rate will be flat with the national economy is estimated at 8.5 percent. From a macro point of view, the whole of China terminals industry is in rapid development growth.

In 1928, Phoenix invented the world's first a modular terminal blocks, which is the prototype of modern terminals, but also Phoenix applied for and obtained the first patent. Phoenix rooted in the land of China, now that the Chinese company's business has developed rapidly, the Group has become the cornerstone of global business. The Chinese in the "five" the first year terminal industry will forge ahead in the power industry in the grand plans to play a more epoch-making significance, Nanjing three Bay electrical terminals for the development of the industry and road re-opened with a beautiful Legend of the green channel. 2010 China's trade with the development of power terminals is 2011, most businesses to the power of the brand's three Bay Electric Co., Ltd. Nanjing. I must mention three Bay Electric Co., Ltd. Nanjing wiring technology of its contribution, the pressure frame, shrapnel crimping, insulation piercing, plug-in, welded, top of the line, insert sleeve, wrap, collar connection so the birth or connection technology has been improved from here and improved.

A cycle of big but not strong, and world-class companies than there is considerable gap. There is industry concentration is low, the number of enterprises large and small scale, economies of scale is not enough, a lack of innovation and product structural contradiction and many other issues. Despite these problems, but China's cable industry is facing new opportunities to take off, that rapid increase in development opportunities for their core competitiveness.

With the changing world economy, our terminals are also bound to face restructuring, shuffle. In particular, in recent years, China's economic development in the face of energy, the bottleneck problem of power shortage, the state continued to increase investment in electricity, making the industry entered a rapid development period.