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2011 China market pulse terminals

2011/8/2 14:04:25  View 6433 

   With the continuous development of science and technology, computer, network communications, transportation, aerospace and automotive industry continues to grow, as the most versatile terminals of electronic components one of the products are widely used. Mobile phone, PC, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics, industrial electronics and other fields is an important downstream. Terminal is used to achieve an electrical connection accessories, industrial connectors are divided into categories. With the increasingly high level of industrial automation and industrial control requirements become more stringent, accurate, and gradually increase the amount of terminals. As the electronics industry, the use of terminals, more and more and more and more types. Currently the most widely used in addition to the PCB terminal, there are hardware terminals, terminal nuts, spring terminals, and so on.

E-emergence of the trend of product upgrades and new technology and new product markets, rapid start, will drive the electronic components industry into new growth cycle, in the terminal who will play a special role?

Domestic terminal building and is closely related to national defense

Throughout the development of the industry from Chinese connections, the early development of the industry and the domestic terminal is closely related to national defense. In 1950-1970, China's production of the main terminal former Ministry of Electronics Industry and the Ministry of Space Industry of the subordinate enterprises and local state-owned enterprises, and the terminal is mainly used in the production of radar equipment, communications equipment, navigation equipment, electronic measuring instruments and other electronic device.

Terminals into the consumer electronics production

After 1980, with the gradual development of China's electronics industry, the production gradually applied to the terminals B & W / color televisions and other consumer electronic products. Entered since 1990, foreign investment policies in China and incentives under the impetus of China Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and the United States, Japan, Europe, enterprises have to strengthen the terminal's investment in mainland China.

Hot pursuit of a foreign national brand products

China's electronic industry as the global industrial chain link, the basic synchronization with the international market. However, because of China's rapid economic growth, endogenous growth momentum of China's electronics industry has made the global semiconductor industry faster than the growth rate. Mobile communications and Internet market continued warming, the terminal also connected to a sustained rise in a good situation.

China's market status of terminals, for the foreign-funded enterprises settled in China to create the conditions for international companies have many fancy electronics manufacturing in China to expand market opportunities for low-cost, with the gradual increase of foreign investment in China's rapidly growing domestic enterprise reform and restructuring . While the new industry regulations promulgation and implementation of such policies will lead to our terminal industry reshuffle, corporate mergers and acquisitions will vigorously promote the development of policy. Whether the historical average and compared to industry average, or with the current average price-earnings ratio of the market compared to the electronics industry valuations are high, but it shows the market for electronic components industry is expected to grow very optimistic.

The next five years, with the continued development of electronic information industry, China's market demand for terminal products will continue to expand, is expected over the next five years China's average annual growth rate terminal market will remain at 15%, much higher than the world market of about 7% growth expectations. Terminal sales in China market in 2011 will reach 30 billion yuan. China is the world's most promising terminal markets.