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Electronic and electrical products in the Canton Fair

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Briefing Profiles of Canton Fair


The China Import and Export Fair ---- Canton Fair is the largest biannual China trade fairs held in Guangzhou, with a history of 55 years since 1957. The Fair is a comprehensive one with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete in exhibit variety, the broadest distribution of overseas buyers and the greatest business turnover in China. They are the most effective way to develop the business relationships you need to succeed in China. It's no wonder that the Canton Fair 2011 has already become a must see for all those looking for business

success in China.

Phase 1: 15th-19th Oct.          2011  9:30-18:00

Phase 2: 23rd-27th Oct           2011  9:30-18:00

Phase 3: 31st Oct. - 4th Nov.       2011  9:30-18:00

China Import and Export Complex

(Canton Fair Complex for short), the largest modernized exhibition center in Asia, is located in Pazhou Island, Guangzhou, China. It is a perfect integration of human and ecological concerns and high technology and intelligentification, sparkling the world like a shining star.
The complex covers a total construction area of 1,100,000 M2 with the indoor exhibition area of 338,000 M2 and the outdoor exhibition area of 43,600 M2. The Area A has an indoor exhibition area of 130,000 M2 and an outdoor exhibition area of 30,000 M2, the Area B has an indoor exhibition area of 128,000 M2 and an outdoor exhibition area of 13,600 M2, and the Area C has an indoor exhibition area of 80,000 M2.
Address: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China
Electronic and Electrical Products (Hall 4.1 & Hall 5.1 in Area A, Phase 1)
  • Electronic Security equipment: Monitors, Sirens, Auto Security Products, Detectors, Sensors, Channel Control System,Home Security Products, Office Security Products, Automatic Security Products, Electronic Lock Systems, Smart Cards.
  • Business Automation Equipment: Photocopiers, Electronic Bulletin Boards, Projectors, Shredders, Attendance Machines, Video Conference Meeting Equipment, Electronic Cash Registers, ATM, Card Machines, Bill Counters, Barcode Printers, Barcode Scanners, Data Collectors, IC Cards
  • Electronic & Electrician Products:Optoelectronic Devices,Rectifiers, Inverters, Amplifiers, Transducers, Frequency Dividers, Power Relays, Adapters, Batteries, Voltage Transformers, Voltage Stabilizers, Power Inductors, Reactors, Circuit Breakers, Multimeters, Connectors, Measurement Equipment, Chargers, Electronic Testing Equipment, Electronic Components(Capacitance, Resistance, Transistors, Diode, Dynatron, Piezoelectric, Inductance Components, Loops, Sockets, Switches, Wires, Cables, Circuit Boards )

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